A4 EVA Craft Glitter Foam Sheets - 10 sheets per pack in 2mm wide

Crafty Wizard


This product contains 10 sheets of shiny glitter foam. These EVA foam sheets are 2 mm thick and approximately A4 sized – 11 inch x 7 inch. They come in an assortment attractive colours that are perfect for school projects and craft projects. They have shiny glitter coated on one side.

The colours are: red, black, white, green, brown, lime green, blue, purple, fuchsia pink and gold

Colours may vary to the ones in the picture - please contact us for the exact colours list

EVA foam sheets for craft are a great medium for quilling projects too! They are easy to cut and paste as compared to cardboard. The quilling coils stick easily on them as well. They are also thicker and more long lasting than paper. They form an excellent base for quilling cards and quilling photo frames. Or you can cut them into decorative patterns and stick them on top of other mediums too. Their soft texture and bright colours make them really attractive for craft projects for kids as well! 

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