Stamping Bella - Marmalade The Kitty Stuffie - Rubber Stamp Set

Stamping Bella


Stamping Bella Marmalade The Kitty Stuffie Rubber Stamp Set

Oh HELLO pretty marmalade with your mary janes!  Who else can say they have a KITTY stamp dressed so nicely!  Marmalade (she just LOOKS like a marmalade) is an amazing stamp for really any occasion .. friendship (check out the sentiment!), teacher, miss you, hello.. anything goes! 

Material: Rubber Stamp

Kitty size: 3.25" x 2.75"

Sentiment size: 1" x 1.75"

Stamp is attached to ez-mount foam ready to be cut out and used with acrylic blocks.

Use these stamps to decorate  homemade cards, scrapbook pages,  journals or to enhance any other paper craft projects. 
You can stamp these shapes using black ink onto cards and then then colour in.
They work great and produce nice, clean images. 
Convenient to wash with water or wipe with baby wipes.
Please do not use corrosive solvent or harsh chemicals to clean.