Altenew - Monochrome Shading Pencils



Altenew - Monochrome Shading Pencils

Draw, sketch, shade, and colour with this set of woodless graphite pencils! 

They can be used on their own or to complement your other art supplies. This set is perfect for monochrome colouring and for creating shadows and highlights on your artwork. If you love drawing or want to improve your drawing skills, these are the pencils for you!


  • Contains 5 pencils with varying degrees of hardness: 2H, HB, 4B, 6B, 10B
  • Can be sharpened with a regular pencil sharpener, sandpaper or crafting knife
  • They come in a sturdy and convenient metal case
  • 5 times more graphite than traditional wood-cased pencils
  • More colouring surface area - use different angles of the pencil for wide, broad strokes, or sharpened to a point for fine detail work
  • High-quality graphite
  • Durable cores than can hold a fine point
  • Pre-sharpened - Ready to use right out of the box
  • Lacquer-coated to keep your hands clean
  • Non-toxic