Quilling starter kit 2

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The quilling starting kit. The set includes:

Quilling board -  A useful tool which helps you to roll the paper, create equal size shapes and hold the shape whilst the glue dries. Shapes include: hearts, squares, circles, triangles and water drops. Material: plastic, Colour: off white Size: 17cm x 20cm

Quilling comb - Explore different style of paper quilling with the Quilling Comb. Helps in creating attractive shapes by making loops around the pins. Ideal for quillers with already basic level of expertise in quilling. It contains 15 pins. Size: 14cm x 8cm

Tweezers set 
The fine tip tweezers offer a better reach and precision. The fine tip tweezer is perfect to use in all of those hard to reach areas of any craft project. You can easily pick up tiny coils or any such small embellishments. 
Self-Locking Tweezer is a favourite among quillers, especially when it comes to 3D quilling. It works with reverse action – press to open and release to close the teeth of the tweezers. The self-locking tweezer provides the right amount of tension to hold articles firmly. It helps to free up one’s hand for positioning gluing or painting.

Magic glue - this glue is suitable for gluing most materials but we love it for the paper craft projects.  What makes it great is that whilst wet it is of white colour and creamy consistency but when dry it becomes transparent. It doesn't stain hence it's great for any quilling projects. The tube is made of soft plastic and a fine tip applicator which makes it easy to apply just the right amount of glue. It can be applied directly from the tube or with brush. It is non-toxic and safe for health and environment.

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