Quilling Tweezers Set

Crafty Wizard


A set of must have quilling tools.

This tool set contains 2 quilling tweezers that are just perfect quilling.

The fine tip tweezers offer a better reach and precision. The fine tip tweezer is perfect to use in all of those hard to reach areas of any craft project. You can easily pick up tiny coils or any such small embellishments. 

Self-Locking Tweezer is a favourite among quillers, especially when it comes to 3D quilling. It works with reverse action – press to open and release to close the teeth of the tweezers. The self-locking tweezer provides the right amount of tension to hold articles firmly. It helps to free up one’s hand for positioning gluing or painting.

Self-lock tweezer is ideal for holding small parts together while the glue between them dries. The tight grip and fine tip make it ideal for precision work. Tweezer is the most commonly used tool and used to perform multiple functions such as :

- Pressing the coil after gluing

- Pinching and twisting the coil to create different shapes from the expanded circular coil

- Handling of thinner 3 mm quilling paper coils

- Placing the coils in the perfect spot in an intricate design

- Removing the coil from Quilling Board, Comb and Border Buddy

These tweezers are made of sturdy hard metal that make them easy to grip and handle. The epoxy coating gives them an attractive look and better durability. 

Set contains :
1 Fine Tip Tweezer
1 Self - Locking Tweezer

Dimensions: 7 inch x 4 inch 
Weight: 100 gms