Altenew - Paint-A-Flower: Calla Lily Outline - Clear Stamp Set



Altenew - Paint-A-Flower: Calla Lily Outline - Clear Stamp Set

Share your gratitude with your loved ones with this beautiful floral outline stamp set.

This stamp set is just the thing you need to create unique floral projects. It features one beautiful bouquet of calla lilies. The pretty curled flowers are arranged together in a lovely floral arrangement that will make your paper crafting projects stand out. The arrangement includes whimsical calla lily blooms and curly leaves.

This is a 4" x 6" clear stamp set containing 9 individual stamps made in the USA from a high-quality photopolymer.


  • grateful
  • thank you
  • love you
  • for being a mentor to me
  • for who you are for all you do
  • just the way you are
  • for all the things I often take for granted
  • for listening for your guidance for your encouragement

Camellia Waterhouse Flower Guide:

  • Calla lilies are named after the Greek word for beautiful (calla).

  • This flower is not technically in the lily family. It is a bloom similar to other true lilies, which is why it is named a lily.

  • It can be bright yellow, orange (represents joy, growth, and change), lavender and light blue (conveys a sense of grace and beauty), dark purple (for royalty and strength), pink (for admiration and flirting), or dark red (for passion and intensity).

        You can stamp these shapes using black ink onto cards and then then colour in.
        They work great and produce nice, clean images. 
        Convenient to wash with water or wipe with baby wipes.
        Please do not use corrosive solvent or harsh chemicals to clean.