Altenew - Paint-A-Flower: Himalayan Poppy Outline - Clear Stamp Set



Altenew - Paint-A-Flower: Himalayan Poppy Outline - Clear Stamp Set

The Himalayas aren't the only place to find gorgeous florals!

Create beautiful paper projects in your craft room with this delightful pair of exotic Himalayan Poppies. The stunning outline flowers and coordinating wispy leaves come with lovely sentiments to add sweet messages to your cards and layouts.

This set includes six heartwarming sentiments to add to your paper crafting projects.


  • so many of my smiles begin with you
  • sweet friend
  • we just fit
  • hey gorgeous
  • you complete me
  • best wishes


    • Himalayan Poppies aren't really true poppies at all. They are referred to as such because of their crepe-like texture that resembles poppies.
    • The flower has a true blue colour which is very rare in the world.
    • The Himalayan blue poppy is native to Tibet where it is cool and moist

        This is a 4" x 6" clear stamp set containing 7 individual stamps made in the USA from high-quality photopolymer.

              You can stamp these shapes using black ink onto cards and then then colour in.
              They work great and produce nice, clean images. 
              Convenient to wash with water or wipe with baby wipes.
              Please do not use corrosive solvent or harsh chemicals to clean.