Altenew - Paint-A-Flower: Tulips - Clear Stamp Set



Altenew - Paint-A-Flower: Tulips - Clear Stamp Set

Tulips have never been prettier!

This floral outline stamp set contains an elaborate bouquet featuring four beautiful tulips decorated with sprigs, berries, and little wildflowers.

This set includes eleven coordinating sentiments to spread love to your family and friends.


  • is a thread that/ mends broken hearts
  • your heart
  • sending you
  • it's not what you say/ it's what you do
  • your soul
  • the person you are
  • for my
  • love
  • your everything
  • you are my one & only
  • friendship is...


  • Tulips generally represent perfect or deep love.
  • Red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, purple tulips are associated with royalty, white tulips claim forgiveness or worthiness, pink tulips represent happiness or confidence, and yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts.
  • The name tulip comes from a Persian word for "turban" because tulips bloom in a turban-like shape.
  • The flower was first most popular in Turkey, where they originated in Central Asia.
  • The meaning of perfect love in relation to tulips is derived from a Turkish and Persian legend (Farhad and Shireen).

    This is a 4" x 6" clear stamp set containing 12 individual stamps made in the USA from high-quality photopolymer.

          You can stamp these shapes using black ink onto cards and then then colour in.
          They work great and produce nice, clean images. 
          Convenient to wash with water or wipe with baby wipes.
          Please do not use corrosive solvent or harsh chemicals to clean.