Metallic foil Termoton - gold

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Metallic foil Termoton - gold

The pack contains 5 sheets 

Size: 15.5cm x 15.5cm

TERMOTON foil is perfect for the following techniques: decoupage, scrapbooking ,  mix media,  cardmaking and in works such as art journal or bullet journal.

Foil gilding can be done in three ways (depending on the type of work):

  • COLD - with glue (e.g. Magic), which can be applied even in fancy patterns using stencils
  • COLD - using double-sided adhesive tape that can be cut into various shapes with scrapbooking dies or scissors or simply with a knife
  • HOT - for laser printing, to which we stick the foil at high temperature with laminator or iron. Our "Termoton" foil sticks only to printed areas. All you need is a printout from a laser printer

For tutorials see the following links:

Cold gilding with glue and tape

Hot gilding with laminator